Your trusty, refreshing bright ale. Reach for Canteen when the journey gets thirsty. Nimble honey and almond from German pilsner malt and spicy Saaz hops forge ahead with rice along to lighten the load of this easy drinker. At 4.5% Canteen is designed to get you from trailhead to summit!


A dry hopped variation on our trusty trail companion – Canteen. The Compass series guides you through the wide array of aromas and flavors of each hop. A rotatingexplorationusingour lightest beers ape. This field trip celebrates the sweet stone fruit and subtle Pune of the Simcoe variety.  4.6% abv


A beer so lovely we named a brewery for it.  Self Titled is a petit saison style beer with a refreshingly crisp, wheat kissed body designed for play in the sun.  Fresh baked french bread and biscuit support notes of white grape and marmalade from Nelson Sauvin hops.  A noble guide to delicate flavors and subtlety.
4.9% abv.


This take on a Belgian summer classic is the color of the rising moon. Gently spiced with toasted coriander and
orange peel along with a kiss of chamomile. Aromas of
orange cream, sugar cookies, lavender and ginger
cradle a soft and cuddly mouthfeel to a lightly tart and
snappy finish. Like its namesake, sugar and spice and
everything nice. Over the moon to welcome baby Luna
to the world. 5.2% abv.

THe Rube

A yokel, a country bumpkin. Rustic w/ his own refined dignity. Bold yet balanced, audacious but approachable. Malt and hops in harmonious heft. Sweet caramel and spicy rye balanced by an assertive, candied grapefruit bitterness in this easy drinking red ale. Inspired by the classic cocktail, the Rube is your mid-day Manhattan.  7.5% abv.


Nectar like notes of mango and tangerine in a bready and balanced pale ale. The pale ale has been many a beer drinkers jump off point and we are proud to offer this take on a classic highlighting some of our favorite contemporary hops. 6% abv.


Brewing is a special endeavor.  The kind of hard work you can actually miss.  So when a friend between projects calls to offer sweat and expertise, a hoppy celebration with little bitterness is in order.  This labor of leasure pays in big stone fruit and tropical notes from some mutual favorite hops laid on a relaxed pie crust malt base.  Liquid high fives if you will.  Vacation collaboration w/ Mr Trevor Walls…You call this work? 5.8% abv


Inspired by the European Apertif/Amaro tradition and their low alcohol cocktails called Shims – combining the bright floral and herbal character of these macerated spirits w soda water and citrus peel for a complex and refreshingly bitter poolside drink.  Designed to keep a steady hedge. Shrub offers lively lemon-lime citrus, herbal lemongrass, and floral tea in a bubbly, light ABV concoction that doesnt really fit any traditional moniker in the beer world – so we made one up. With a wink we offer you your first West Coast Mild, or Shrub for short.  4.4% abv


Inspired by the titular garnish on a Mai Tai. An approachable beer with sunny notes of mango, guava, and pineapple lounge upon just enough bitterness to call it an IPA. This tropical fruity brew is crafted to drink in a hammock on the sand.
An all day beach blanket beer at 5.7% abv.


The perfect course companion. On the green with hoppy notes of tropical fruits and candied citrus. Wheat malt tees a subtle tart snap and caddies a medium bodied, easy swinger. An ace, or at least close enough amongst friends, now gimme another! 7.3% abv


Puffs of citrus, pine, and sage from a kushy blend of hops lounge upon bohemian malt in this pungent and potent IPA.
7.5% abv.


Mining for new flavors and aromas, we run these little green gems to the kettle and fermenters with no delay.  Unearthing potent aromas of tropical pineapple, stone fruit, gummy bears, strawberries and cream.  Dig it!  6.8% abv


the Habit of a Rabbit?  No carrots here, Jack.  This riddle of a double IPA is easily solved when a bright blend of berry and citrus leap out of the glass. Whiskers wiggle above a healthy heap of Mosaic and Simcoe for an evolving aroma exprience. 8.1% abv.


Top billing hops storm the stage in this bone-dry West Coast style IPA. A slight honey sweetness supports the piney, resinous, citrus hop profile. A well hidden 8% & 75 IBU and the crowd demands an encore.

Coffee TONIC

An elixer providing a sense of well-being and vigor. This oatmeal stout hearkens back to a time when beer was the cure for what ales you. A sturdy, milkshake mouthfeel enlivens notes of milk chocolate and coffee roast in this nourishing dark ale.
6.25% abv.


Greet a glass full of dark chocolate, graham cracker, dried cherry, and espresso in this rich and complex imperial stout. A fireside storyteller of a beer, Grandpappy’s tale unfolds with each sniff and sip.  9.5% abv.






Docent Crowler Can


Remember how you felt as a kid knowing a field trip was on the horizon? It meant fun, adventure, and trying something new. It also meant an exciting break from the norm.

We’ve done our fair share of learning over the course of the last five years. Like any journey, we had a lot to see, taste, and experience to get to this point. Now we see that our history of field trips has created a place for you to take your own.

To-Go Crowlers

Consider our brewery your new favorite field trip, a place made for firsthand observation and learning.

Choose any of our beers and take it to-go. Our 1 Qt. Crowler cans are poured fresh and canned when you order. Drink cold, and let the adventure begin.

Show us where you take yours. Tag us at #DocentFieldTrip