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We have reopened

We have limited seating inside and have created an outdoor seating area. Cruise on over (biking is prefered).

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Open 11am daily

33049 Calle aviador Suite c
San Juan Capistrano, CA
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Docent Brewing Beer

On Tap

On Tap


Your trusty, refreshing, bright ale.  Reach for Canteen when the journey gets thirsty.  Nimble honey and almond from German pilsner malt and spicy Saaz hops forge ahead with rice along to lighten the load of this easy drinker.
At 4.5% abv. Canteen is designed to get you from trailhead to summit!

THe Rube

A yokel, a country bumpkin. Rustic w/ his own refined dignity. Bold yet balanced, audacious but approachable. Malt and hops in harmonious heft. Sweet caramel and spicy rye balanced by an assertive, candied grapefruit bitterness in this easy drinking red ale. Inspired by the classic cocktail, the Rube is your mid-day Manhattan. 7.5% abv.

Double Nickels

Brewed to a calculated 55 ibus and 5.5% abv or double nickels on the dime.  Angular notes of ruby red grapefruit, sweet orange, and pine strum upon a groovy bassline of light honey and vanilla in a compact yet satisfying little ditty.  A liquid tribute to a group of cats from San Pedro who jam econo – or fitting a lot into a little. “Punk was whatever we made it to be” a quote from late lead singer/guitarist D Boon inspires every recipe Ive ever brewed. Listen to the Minutemen, their band could be your life.  

A silver medal winner in the 2018 World Beer Cup for American Pale Ale!


Greet a glass full of dark chocolate, graham cracker, dried cherry, and espresso in this rich and complex imperial stout. A fireside storyteller of a beer, Grandpappy’s tale unfolds with each sniff and sip. 9.5% abv.

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Docent Crowler Can



Choose any of our beers and take it to-go. Our 1 Qt. Crowler cans are poured fresh and canned when you order. Drink cold, and let the adventure begin. Only available at the Docent Public House.


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Korean Rueben
Pastrami, House Kimchi, Swiss Cheese, Asian Aioli

Fermented Veggies
(All Made In House)
Cabbage Kimchi
Sweet Pickles,
Jalapeño and Carrots Escabeche

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