canteen (bright ale)

Your trusty, refreshing, bright ale. Reach for Canteen when the journey gets thirsty. Nimble honey and almond from German pilsner malt and spicy Saaz hops forge ahead. An easy drinking ale brewed like a classic pilsner to help lighten your load. At 4.5% Canteen is designed to get you from trailhead to summit! 4.5% abv


So we can talk about the handful of grain and hops in this subtle classic, we can talk about the hands that twist the knobs and turn the valves and we can talk about the handful of time it took to create this handful of beer. We can talk about what a handful my kids are and be grateful to have a handful. We can raise our glasses and cheers to having a hand that’s full. 4.8% abv


A summertime rye saison aged on a medley of peach varieties grown by our friends and soil stewards at The Ecology Center. 6.8% abv

LUNA (witbier)

This take on a Belgian summer classic is the color of the rising moon. Gently spiced with toasted coriander and orange peel along with a kiss of chamomile. Aromas of orange cream, sugar cookies, lavender and ginger cradle a soft and cuddly mouthfeel to a lightly tart and snappy finish. Like its namesake, sugar and spice and everything nice. Over the moon to welcome baby Luna to the world 5.2% abv


Extra Special, to be sure, but not so Bitter by today’s standards. This classic English pub style inspired a Yankee or two to brew something very different from the Light Lager dominating the American beer scene in the 80s. A nod to our American interpretation of a malt forward, satisfying beer and the craft ale trailblazers who dared introduce such a foreign and tasty tipple to us across the pond. Nourishing and rich but also dry and rather easy drinking. She goes down smooth and still keeps it regal. All hail the queen!


A yokel, a country bumpkin. Rustic w/ his own refined dignity. Bold yet balanced, audacious but approachable. Malt and hops in harmonious heft. Sweet caramel and spicy rye balanced by an assertive, candied grapefruit bitterness in this easy drinking red ale. Inspired by the classic cocktail, the Rube is your mid-day Manhattan.  8% abv

Double Nickels (pale ale)

Brewed to a calculated 55 ibus and 5.5% abv or double nickels on the dime.  Angular notes of ruby red grapefruit, sweet orange, and pine strum upon a groovy bassline of light honey and vanilla in a compact yet satisfying little ditty.  A liquid tribute to a group of cats from San Pedro who jam econo – or fitting a lot into a little. “Punk was whatever we made it to be” a quote from late lead singer/guitarist D Boon inspires every recipe Ive ever brewed. Listen to the Minutemen, their band could be your life.  

A silver medal winner in the 2018 World Beer Cup for American Pale Ale!

ROOTSTOCK (pale ale)

Named for the essential support that nourishes life above ground. The assistant brewer’s honorable role is often spent underground until let bloom! Our very own Uncle Bert’s first brew sprouts lush notes of peach candy and hints of lemon citrus staked above a crisp and bready grain bill. Citra and Centennial hops are grafted together for a snappy and refreshing pale ale for the hard working summer months. True family rooted in community. 5.3% abv

Gimme (ipa)

The perfect course companion. On the green with hoppy notes of tropical fruits and candied citrus. Wheat malt tees a subtle tart snap and caddies a medium bodied, easy swinger. An ace, or at least close enough amongst friends, now gimme another! 7.2% abv


Lager like and friendly. Subtle corn sweetness partners with a bright orange character from amicably sprinkled Amarillo hops. This brew is your kindly barstool companion. Always to be relied upon as a reminder that things are not bad, and, well, mostly pretty good. Even if there was reason to grumble, nobody is listening. A brew to turn to in good times, and those other kinds of times. A celebration of good old beer-flavored beer, which ain’t so easy to find these days. Not that I am complainin’. 5.2% ABV


Call it a south west bitter cloudy for all I care. I call it delicious, and a nice retreat from the tedious grind of figuring out what style fits where. Duke Ellington once said, “there are two kinds of music – good music, and that other kind” Nelson, El Dorado, and Pilsner malt join hands and sang ultra-harmonic notes of pineapple, orange, and guava – Treat, retreat, repeat. 6.8% abv

COllar blind (HOPPY LAGER)

Here at Docent, we try to see what’s under people’s shirts.. Er, um, let me rephrase- we like to think the color of the collar has no correlation to the quality of the character.  For it isn’t the brand of work, but the essence of effort that counts.  What floats above collars in that cosmic soup of life giving ooze is our focus.  For the working stiff and the young sophisticate alike – we present an easy drinking yet character filled quencher that shrugs off any occupational contrast.  Cashmere and Motueka hops offer a refreshing, Nillson-esque union of lime and coconut to drive our point home – That a well deserved post-toil pint among pals can make all the difference in our day, no matter the ruff.  4.9% abv



El Dorado, Citra and Chinook are your spirit world field guides. Notes of mango, grapefruit and pine. Strap in! 9% abv


Straight from the Fatherland that gave me my Father, an all German ingredient IPA built to celebrate the man who I call Pop! If you ask him, he’ll tell you we have the best beer! Showcasing a newer school of German cultivars with Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria – these hops for pops include reliably cordial notes of orange peel, honeydew melon, and Gardenia upon a sturdy and traditional German grain build. Raise a glass and prost to the man largely responsible for my beer making instincts but please, dont hold it against him.   7% abv

grandpappy (imperial stout)

Greet a glass full of dark chocolate, graham cracker, dried cherry, and espresso in this warming, rich and complex imperial stout. A fireside storyteller of a beer, Grandpappy’s tale unfolds with each sniff and sip. 9.5% abv.

Great grandpappy (BARREL aged imperial stout)

Wise old stout rested for 19 months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Imbued with notes crème brule, coconut, vanilla from the oak. 11.7% abv.


Where the dark meets light. This bonnie glass of good fortune is smooth as silk yet black as night. The customary they say on the island. Slainte!  4% abv.



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Docent Crowler Can


Remember how you felt as a kid knowing a field trip was on the horizon? It meant fun, adventure, and trying something new. It also meant an exciting break from the norm.

We’ve done our fair share of learning over the course of the last five years. Like any journey, we had a lot to see, taste, and experience to get to this point. Now we see that our history of field trips has created a place for you to take your own.

To-Go Crowlers

Consider our brewery your new favorite field trip, a place made for firsthand observation and learning.

Choose any of our beers and take it to-go. Our 1 Qt. Crowler cans are poured fresh and canned when you order. Drink cold, and let the adventure begin.

Show us where you take yours. Tag us at #DocentFieldTrip