When the mini pulls the mighty – as we can say in the world of beer, tides have turned. It is an especially wonderful time to be a beer drinker but avast ye before the surly sea swallows ya. One may have to sail way outside the mapped territory to discover the treasure in simplicity and the virtues of restraint. As far off shore as we have buoyed, many astute craft beer drinkers have reconnected with their native tongues. Before there were so many exotic ingredients available to landlubbers, there was a small, seaworthy, and valiant vessel of a beer. American lager in all it’s unpretentious glory has found safe harbor in the craft beer canon while the titanics sink under the mass of shrewd industry. We are excited to see the community reconnect craft to the essentials and tug some of these bloated boats out of the murk. 4.7% abv

tiny umbrellas (easy ipa)

Inspired by the titular garnish on a Mai Tai yet an all day beach blanket beer at only 5.6% abv. Sunny notes of mango, guava, and passionfruit shine from an exotic cocktail of hops that lounge upon just enough bitterness to call it an IPA. Approachable and crisp, this tropical fruity brew is crafted to drink in a hammock on the sand. 5.6% abv.

handful (helles style lager)

So we can talk about the handful of grain and hops in this subtle classic, we can talk about the hands that twist the knobs and turn the valves and we can talk about the handful of time it took to create this handful of beer. We can talk about what a handful my kids are and be grateful to have a handful. We can raise our glasses and cheers to having a hand that’s full. 5% abv 


This take on a Belgian summer classic is the color of the rising moon. Gently spiced with toasted coriander and orange peel along with a kiss of chamomile. Aromas of orange cream, sugar cookies, lavender and ginger cradle a soft and cuddly mouthfeel to a lightly tart and snappy finish. Like its namesake, sugar and spice and everything nice. Over the moon to welcome baby Luna to the world 5.2% abv

sound and color (coffee BROWN ALE)

With me, for my mind… Layered notes of chocolate, raisin, cherry tobacco, biscotti pluck the bassline for carefully roasted coffee beans to dance the day away. 5.8% abv 


  Your mid day Manhattan. Sweet caramel, spicy rye, and bitter grapefruit in this strong yet balanced beaut. 8% abv 


 Brewed to a calculated 55 ibus and 5.5% abv or double nickels on the dime.  Angular notes of ruby red grapefruit, sweet orange, and pine strum upon a groovy bassline of light honey and vanilla in a compact yet satisfying little ditty.  A liquid tribute to a group of cats from San Pedro who jam econo – or fitting a lot into a little. “Punk was whatever we made it to be” a quote from late lead singer/guitarist D Boon inspires every recipe Ive ever brewed. Listen to the Minutemen, their band could be your life.  

A silver medal winner in the 2018 World Beer Cup for American Pale Ale!


Nectoron and #586 hops floss through a bready and balanced grain bill. One sip in and you’ll sport a big, toothy grin. 5% abv

Gimme (ipa)

The perfect course companion. On the green with hoppy notes of tropical fruits and candied citrus. Wheat malt tees a subtle tart snap and caddies a medium bodied, easy swinger. An ace, or at least close enough amongst friends, now gimme another! 7.2% abv

ourglass (ipa)

-to celebrate the passing time we all share- This abiding brew, built to commemorate our birth by the creek in San Juan Capistrano years back, is a testament to all we have learned since the beginning a few turns ago. Many a glass been drained as many a friend made along the way and our gratitude deepens. A union we have discovered deliciously compatible is the harmonious coupling of Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. Notes of bright berry, punchy citrus and shortbread kindly share this glass with you. We hope for you to share a few good times and pints with friends before the sand runs out. To take time to celebrate the OUR in hourglass. After all, you are a little wiser and a tad older than when you started reading this. So let’s drink to that – and the passing time! 6.5% abv


Divine expression or man’s own invention? Debate amongst yourselves while sipping this delicious concoction. 586 and Nelson hops. 6.3% abv

rabbit habit (double ipa)

The habit of rabit? No carrots here, Jack. This riddle of a double IPA is easliy solved when a bright blend of berry and citrus leap out of the glass. Whiskers wiggle above a healthy heap of Mosaic and Simcoe for an evolving aroma experience. 8.2% abv


Centennial, Columbus, and Mosaic hops make me party! Big notes of tangerine, yellow starburst and punchy citrus. 8.6% abv.


Musically speaking, the second note of the diatonic scale, or one step above Tonic. In our terms, a more potent elixir than the original. Infused with more flavors of milk chocolate, more roast, more mouthfeel, and most important – more coffee. Whoever said there can be too much of a good thing never had a chance to try this here beer. A wiser man once said – everything in moderation, especially moderation. Cheers to that, and you! 8.5% abv. .


A gentle dose of Peruvian dark cocoa to compliment a smooth and rich black ale.  7% abv         *also on Nitro


Our beloved Grandpappy, rested in bourbon barrels for 12 months. Rich notes of coconut, oak, vanilla and cherry. 11.5% abv


2TOWNS CIDERHOUSE (pacific pineapple)

Juicy and tropical, Pacific Pineapple rolls ripe Costa Rica golden pineapples into fresh-pressed Northwest apples. This refreshingly juicy and easy drinking session cider will relax your state of mind, no matter your locale! 5% abv.





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Docent Crowler Can


Remember how you felt as a kid knowing a field trip was on the horizon? It meant fun, adventure, and trying something new. It also meant an exciting break from the norm.

We’ve done our fair share of learning over the course of the last five years. Like any journey, we had a lot to see, taste, and experience to get to this point. Now we see that our history of field trips has created a place for you to take your own.

To-Go Crowlers

Consider our brewery your new favorite field trip, a place made for firsthand observation and learning.

Choose any of our beers and take it to-go. Our 1 Qt. Crowler cans are poured fresh and canned when you order. Drink cold, and let the adventure begin.

Show us where you take yours. Tag us at #DocentFieldTrip