Frisbee (Lager)

Picture this- A sunny beach, light breeze, waves rhythmically crashing on glistening sand. The familiar pop and hiss of a fresh opened beer, a sip brings you to your paradise. Swimsuits, palm trees and a cold brew. Now turn off the TV and grab ahold of real refreshment. Inspired by a style honed in the old country, reimagined south of the border and the perfect sip for your own endless summer. This is a beer without a multi million dollar ad campaign, without bikinis and target markets. Just a simple, crisp and easy drinking beer brewed w pilsner malt, maize and hints of a certain citrus fruit provided by Motueka hops. Save a lime, drink a frisbee. 4.9% abv

LUNA (witbier)

Belgian Style Wheat Ale. Lightly spiced with coriander, Orange Peel & Chamomile. Notes of Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice. 5%abv

A silver medal winner in the 2020 San Diego International  Beer Competition for Wit!

turtleneck (Belgian tripel)

Function over fashion? Perhaps, for once. In the jolly time of ugly sweaters here is a Turtleneck you can be proud to sport. Imbued with kisses of spicy ginger, this throat warming, Winter inspired, Belgian-style strong blonde goes down smooth like fine linen. The perfect swig under the mistletoe with your darling or for when the midnight bells ring in our next 365 or 6 days. No itchy side effects, no sly snickering, just pure cozy comfort in a glass. Happy holidays to you from Docent! 9% abv

Uncle bert (scotch ale)

Having an Uncle Bert is good. Reliable and strong, Uncle Bert is a man of few words. He lets his rich notes of vanilla, caramel, and creme brulee do the talking. Good old sturdy Bert with a smooth port like character upon which his tart cherry and plum fruitiness are perched. Complex indeed, yet somehow still very approachable. First to arrive and last to leave but never wearing out his welcome. Having an Uncle Bert is fun and fun is good. Have you an Uncle Bert? You should.  7.5% abv

The Rube (red rye Ale)

A yokel, a country bumpkin. Rustic w/ his own refined dignity. Bold yet balanced, audacious but approachable. Malt and hops in harmonious heft. Sweet caramel and spicy rye balanced by an assertive, candied grapefruit bitterness in this easy drinking red ale. Inspired by the classic cocktail, the Rube is your mid-day Manhattan. 8% abv

Double Nickels (pale ale)

Brewed to a calculated 55 ibus and 5.5% abv or double nickels on the dime.  Angular notes of ruby red grapefruit, sweet orange, and pine strum upon a groovy bassline of light honey and vanilla in a compact yet satisfying little ditty.  A liquid tribute to a group of cats from San Pedro who jam econo – or fitting a lot into a little. “Punk was whatever we made it to be” a quote from late lead singer/guitarist D Boon inspires every recipe Ive ever brewed. Listen to the Minutemen, their band could be your life.  

A silver medal winner in the 2018 World Beer Cup for American Pale Ale!

rootstock (pale Ale)

Named for the essential support that nourishes life above ground. The assistant brewer’s honorable role is often spent underground until let bloom! Our very own Uncle Bert’s first brew sprouts lush notes of peach candy and hints of lemon citrus staked above a crisp and bready grain bill. Citra and Centennial hops are grafted together for a snappy and refreshing pale ale for the hard working summer months. True family rooted in community. 5.3% abv

Smyles (ipa)

A beer here to widen your grin a bit. There are certain events in life that permanently change the topography of one’s face. Mine was in 2008 when I met my best friend. My smile grew a remarkable amount that day, and somehow seems to gleam a bit more everyday I am lucky to share with him. Big brother to Luna, a witbier base plays nice with American yeast beaming w tropical fruit and citrusy hops. Toothy yet pleasant and one of a kind indeed. 5.3%


hefty fee (session ipa)

Freedom?  Some may say it is a hefty fee.  Which must be why some borrow to keep it around.  A punch of Centennial and Mosaic hops arrive to collect what the nose owes.  On the hot side, an overdue hop bill adds up to bright notes of berry and limeade from thriftless amounts of Nelson and Motueka hops.  All leveraged by honey gold notes from the finest Canadian malts.  A delicious, low abv hoppy beer that tastes expensive yet offers a refreshing break from the debt of a life born free.  4.8% abv

A gold medal winner in the 2020 Great American Beer Festival for Session IPA!

Gimme (ipa)

The perfect course companion. On the green with hoppy notes of tropical fruits and candied citrus. Wheat malt tees a subtle tart snap and caddies a medium bodied, easy swinger. An ace, or at least close enough amongst friends, now gimme another! 7.2% abv

Press one (ipa)

Ever heard of Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic hops? Press one for yes! Huge notes of tangerine, mixed berries, and candied grapes burst through a rotating pilsner and wheat malt grain bill. Now, Press One for yes, don’t press two! 6.5% abv

third i (triple ipa)

Awaken your senses with this Citra, Strata, + Nelson hopped III IPA. Tiki drink notes of tropical fruit + lime. So good to see you. 10% abv


Night goat (black ipa)

Lovely Dark + Deep with notes of coconut, lime, oak, and pine from Simcoe and Sabro hops on a chocolatey malt base. 6.4% abv


The good hurt (barrel aged imperial porter)

Right on the border of pleasure and pain, this is the good hurt.  Like eating too much chocolate or cherry pie and still going back for more.  Like that old mangy dog that bites us every so often and leaves his furry mark – still we reach out to pet it again and again.  It is watching a movie you know makes you cry or the kind of true friendship marked by constantly hurling insults at each other.  This big brew puts the Port in Imperial Porter, rich and complex and seductively dangerous.  The Good Hurt is here to confuse the senses and dwell in this unexplainable sensation we all seem to crave.  13.6% abv





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Docent Crowler Can


Remember how you felt as a kid knowing a field trip was on the horizon? It meant fun, adventure, and trying something new. It also meant an exciting break from the norm.

We’ve done our fair share of learning over the course of the last five years. Like any journey, we had a lot to see, taste, and experience to get to this point. Now we see that our history of field trips has created a place for you to take your own.

To-Go Crowlers

Consider our brewery your new favorite field trip, a place made for firsthand observation and learning.

Choose any of our beers and take it to-go. Our 1 Qt. Crowler cans are poured fresh and canned when you order. Drink cold, and let the adventure begin.

Show us where you take yours. Tag us at #DocentFieldTrip